Pocono Wedding Talk

A Sunday feature in the Pocono Record newspaper.

  • The ‘Adventure’ of Love

    Feb 16, 2019

    A wedding ceremony is certainly an age-old, time-tested ritual. We take comfort in this ritual; this event puts our intention out in the world for all to see. Even an elopement carries much of the same power. The entire ceremony, from processional to recessional is ritualist in itself. Think of how each partner enters the ceremony space separately but leaves together. That is a power thing.

  • Before You Do

    Feb 9, 2019

    Some tips for the newly engaged… Holidays are a popular time for proposals. Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Valentine’s Day all provide a perfect opportunity to surprise someone with a ring. Then the wedding planning begins, along with the confusion and stress. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. I [...]

  • What Can Yoga Teach Us About Weddings?

    Feb 2, 2019

    Today, I write in honor of the famous Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, who taught so many about mindfulness. His teachings are very accessible, you can find out lots about him, even on Facebook. As of this writing he is quietly awaiting his death in Vietnam. I’m no yogi, that’s for sure, but I’ve been [...]

  • Take me with you!

    Jan 26, 2019

    Destination: Abroad I just returned from a vacation in Spain and was so excited to see ‘love locks’ on a bridge in Seville. I’ve reported spotting them in many places on trips over the years. It’s become a habit to look for them, and I seem to find them everywhere! I’ve also written about wedding [...]

  • Do you really need a wedding program or booklet?

    Jan 20, 2019

    About every year or so I tweak and repost this column. Why? Because almost everyone planning a wedding eventually comes to this question: should I have a ceremony program? As the big day approaches, I sometimes hear from ‘my’ couples, asking for the ‘order of service.’ I immediately know why. They are creating a program [...]

  • Spanish Wedding Traditions

    Jan 13, 2019

    As a wedding officiant my busy time is spring, summer and fall, so I take a vacation in winter. As you read this, I’m in Spain, and naturally I wanted to do some research on Spanish weddings. The region I’m visiting is Andalucía and some call it’s the ‘real’ Spain because the traditions are so [...]

  • Wedding Trends for 2019

    Jan 5, 2019

    At the turn of the calendar I join ranks with columnists and bloggers everywhere in writing about what happened last year and what is expected to happen in the coming year. So here goes – from the superficial to the important -  wedding trends to look for in 2019. I’m reading a lot about wedding dresses [...]

  • Ringing in the New Year

    Dec 29, 2018

    As I look back on my 14thyear as a celebrant I am struck by how it continues to be such a fulfilling experience. I’ve had many diverse work experiences in my life, from music to social services, as well as politics – hey I’m old!  But being a part of the happiest day in someone’s life [...]

  • Considering a Christmas Wedding

    Dec 22, 2018

    Remember, however, when you chose to have a wedding at Christmas, you might be asking your guests to give up time they would rather spend at home with their immediate families. Are they willing to sacrifice their own traditions to be with you?

  • Vendors or ‘Friendors’ ?

    Dec 15, 2018

    There is a growing trend in weddings of having a friend provide a service that would normally require hiring a professional. There are many reasons this happens and many pros and cons. I’ve been involved with almost 1,000 weddings at this point, and I possess powers of observation, so I thought it time to comment. [...]