Pocono Wedding Talk

A Sunday feature in the Pocono Record newspaper.

  • Free yourself from Family Drama and Dysfunction

    Aug 20, 2017

    When it comes to your wedding, it can be truly that – YOUR wedding. But how is this possible if there are complex family issues? Everyone has some family drama. I’m reminded of a cartoon depicting a large auditorium with a sign over the stage reading: Functional Family Convention, with one lonely person sitting in the [...]

  • Vows among the bow-wows!!!

    Aug 13, 2017

    There’s a new puppy in my life. Louie is 12 weeks old now and a ton of fun, joy, and work. There’s no doubt about it, I’m a dog person. Louie brings our total to three fantastic English Springer Spaniels. So I figured this was a good time to talk about dogs in weddings. I [...]

  • Your Guests Will Thank You

    Aug 6, 2017

    More bliss, less bugs: Some tips for a sweet summer ceremony. Summer’s here, in all its glory, and it’s a beautiful time for weddings. But it is a good idea to be prepared for all the season brings, including extreme heat. Be sure to let your guests know what to expect as well. I’ll only [...]

  • It’s all in the tea…

    Jul 30, 2017

    Around the world couples are exploring their cultural traditions and blending elements of East and West in new ways, and the Chinese Tea Ceremony is both ancient and important. I have only had an opportunity to work with a few Chinese-American brides or grooms, and of those only two have ever chosen to have a [...]

  • Small Weddings, Big Ideas

    Jul 23, 2017

    There’s a lot of talk lately about small weddings, or as some like to call them, micro-weddings, or tiny weddings, or my favorite: intimate weddings. And there are many reasons couples are choosing to go small, and they mirror the reasons couples choose to elope. Now, that’s a small wedding! One motive is simply to [...]

  • Giving Meaning to the Moment

    Jul 16, 2017

    Don’t be afraid to tweak or omit ceremonial traditions. Wedding traditions come and go, evolve and change. There are some staples most  would probably never want to forgo – in both ceremony and celebration. I would never advocate leaving out the “I do” part of the ceremony (and in some states, it’s a legal requirement). [...]

  • The path to an honest ceremony

    Jul 9, 2017

    Customs, values, mores and traditions… they all change over time. If we didn’t expand our horizons, we’d still be living in caves. For some people the tradition of marrying in a house of worship is absolutely the way they want and need for their wedding ceremony. And that is great, if that is who you [...]

  • Give Them Something To Talk About

    Jul 2, 2017

    Recently, I ran into a couple I’d officiated for, maybe 10 years ago, and they shared something wonderful. They told me that people still talk about how they ‘jumped over that stick’ at their wedding. WOW. Mission accomplished. Rituals are meant to be memorable. Sometimes, however, the most memorable part of a wedding isn’t the [...]

  • Calling all nerds and geeks!!

    Jun 25, 2017

    Attention gamers, book lovers, pop culture fans, Harry Potter-philes and Buffy buffs, Zombie fighters and all nerds and geeks! Those words – geek, nerd – that were once pejorative, have become affirmative; it is now a good to be a nerd! You’ve gone mainstream! These two terms encompass quite a wide range of passions. They [...]

  • A wee bit of Scotland

    Jun 18, 2017

    I’m excited to be heading to Scotland this summer, if only for a short visit, so I thought it was a good excuse to revisit some of their wedding traditions. I’m familiar with some, but there is always more to learn. I consider myself well versed in many Celtic rituals, which would encompass Scotland. Among [...]