Pocono Wedding Talk

A Sunday feature in the Pocono Record newspaper.

  • A Hodge-Podge of Some Fun, Funky and Fabulous Wedding Ideas

    Oct 15, 2017

    May I be frivolous for one column? I’m told I’m too serious sometimes, so I set out to look for some new wedding ideas. Is it even possible? With so much written about weddings, could I find something I hadn’t seen before? I’m not claiming these are unheard of, or ground breaking… but they do [...]

  • When The Divorce Doesn’t Work Out

    Oct 8, 2017

    When a couple has rekindled their spark, found understanding, and if they value what they had as a couple, then re-marrying could be right. Maybe they acted too quickly when they divorced, and often times they say they never really stopped loving one another.

  • When Style Comes from Within, It Comes Out Right.

    Oct 1, 2017

    Fashion comes and goes, but love never goes out of style. Your wedding celebration can reflect the timelessness of love and marriage combined with your own personal taste. ‘Style’ is defined as a manner of doing or presenting things, especially a fashionable one. And whatever your style, whatever decisions you make about the ‘look’ of [...]

  • Let Us Eat Cake

    Sep 24, 2017

    So many wedding traditions have long histories, and interesting origins. Bouquets, rings, and white wedding gowns… they all come from somewhere, and I’ve written about a lot of it. Today I take on cake. Our classic tradition of serving cake for weddings comes from two different sources. First Ancient Rome – one of the prime [...]

  • Engaging Thoughts

    Sep 17, 2017

    How can you get through the gauntlet of questions?If you or someone you know has recently become engaged, I hope this column brings awareness that will help prepare someone for the coming tide of inquiry. Then you can decide what information you are ready to share, and just plead the 5th for the rest of them.

  • Going right to the source – a Russian wedding

    Sep 10, 2017

    I often write about different cultural and religious traditions, and many couples like to dive into their family roots for inspiration. Recently I created a ceremony that connected directly to the source. Here’s what happened: I was fortunate to have a young Russia and the Ukrainian couple choose me as their celebrant. Politically Russia and [...]

  • Great Expectations!

    Sep 3, 2017

    Many couples decide to tie-the-knot because they are expecting a child. Once upon a time this was shameful, but fortunately that is no longer true.Having a baby is a splendid reason to get married, not something to hide. It is cause for celebration, double celebration, in fact.

  • Smooth Sailing for a Calm Wedding Day

    Aug 27, 2017

    I hereby issue a small storm warning, storms you can avoid on your wedding day!  Some storms are big, and some are small, but they all matter in their own way. There is so much wedding advice floating around the internet, not to mention from your family and well-intentioned friends. Here are a few of [...]

  • Free yourself from Family Drama and Dysfunction

    Aug 20, 2017

    When it comes to your wedding, it can be truly that – YOUR wedding. But how is this possible if there are complex family issues? Everyone has some family drama. I’m reminded of a cartoon depicting a large auditorium with a sign over the stage reading: Functional Family Convention, with one lonely person sitting in the [...]

  • Vows among the bow-wows!!!

    Aug 13, 2017

    There’s a new puppy in my life. Louie is 12 weeks old now and a ton of fun, joy, and work. There’s no doubt about it, I’m a dog person. Louie brings our total to three fantastic English Springer Spaniels. So I figured this was a good time to talk about dogs in weddings. I [...]