Pocono Wedding Talk

A Sunday feature in the Pocono Record newspaper.

  • Why Elope?

    Sep 22, 2019

    Making the Case for Getting Married on Your Own Terms Over the years I have officiated many elopements. And I return to this subject often because it is so important. There are so many reasons a couple choses to elope and let me review a few of them. First I want to remind us that […]

  • ‘Rockin’ the Boat’

    Sep 15, 2019

    Dance the Night Away – Dance Traditions From Around the World. I’ve been watching a charming series on Netflix, Derry Girls, which takes place in Derry (Londonderry) Northern Ireland, and is set in the 1990’s. During a scene involving a wedding, the DJ plays the song Rock the Boatand everyone immediately rushes to the dance floor. They […]

  • You’re doing WHAT for your wedding?

    Sep 8, 2019

    Last week I wrote about the sixties and how that era ushered in more self-expression, which, in turn affected weddings. I often write about doing things a little differently, how your wedding can be uniquely you. But what does the mean exactly? Beyond, say, unique signage or cool guest books, interesting décor… can you imagine […]

  • Woodstock Weddings

    Sep 1, 2019

    How the festival and the summer of love continues to influence weddings. There’s been a lot of attention to the Woodstock Music festival on its 50thanniversary. As a baby boomer myself, although I wasn’t at Woodstock (I was hitch-hiking around Europe – how’s that for a hippie move?) I was a part of the era, […]

  • ‘Pup’tial Bliss

    Aug 25, 2019

    Dogs and Weddings – Two Wonderful Things. If you’re a dog person and you’re planning a wedding, I’ll bet you’ve thought about having your pup or pups involved. So many dog-loving couples think about their fur baby walking down the aisle. But can it happen? Maybe. Before you take that leap there are several obstacles […]

  • Six things you need to know about weddings –Number 3 will amaze you

    Aug 18, 2019

    Did that headline grab you? It’s called click-bate. And while I do have things to share with you about weddings, I don’t want to trick you into reading. Too much of what passes for information is merely a means to make money, one way or another. But the catchy title does beg the question: what […]

  • The open-ended Beauty of Spirituality

    Aug 11, 2019

    Spiritual. This is how many people describe their beliefs. But what exactly does this mean? Literally, spiritual means ‘relating to things of the human spirit rather than material or physical things.’ But in a more religious context it can mean a wide range of ideas. For some it means they embrace the idea that there […]

  • God’s Knot and other Unity Rituals

    Aug 4, 2019

    While it’s usually me suggesting the ideas, and that is, after all, my job – from time to time couples come to me with a request for a specific ritual for their wedding ceremony. Perhaps they saw or read about it somewhere.  There are many ways to find  this stuff, especially on the internet, whether Pinterest, Instagram […]

  • Timing is Everything for your Wedding Day

    Jul 28, 2019

    Today’s column concerns something very practical, with two issues related to timing because, as they say, ‘timing is everything.’  The concerns are: the gap between the ceremony and reception, and the time involved in a receiving line. Both of these topics impact your guests’ experience because standing around doing nothing is not fun. If you […]

  • What is the UU? Who are Unitarians?

    Jul 21, 2019

    After writing this column for many years, sometimes I feel as if I’ve already written about every religion and cultural tradition, but of course that’s not possible. Not even close.According to some estimates there are roughly 4,200 religions and 195 countries in the world. That should keep me going! But I try to focus on traditions and cultures that […]